promtail loki config Also want to add the node_exporter and alertmanager to be notified about high disk usage. Configure the promtail helm chart with the syslog configuration added to the extraScrapeConfigs section nbsp promtail is the agent responsible for gathering logs and sending them to Loki. Source Grafan Loki GitHub Page. 0 was still in Beta on Feb 2019 when the new feature was introduced Loki a log aggregation system available via another new ability the Explore. I 39 m trying to debug why my application logs aren 39 t being picked up by Promtail for ingestion into Loki. Can do everything from the box client s setup can be done in a couple of clicks but have one huge disadvantage as for me its alerting system by the system. Grafana Loki v1. Installed applications. wget https raw. file location with the command feature of docker. For each configuration property declare A description property to explain the configuration purpose. sudo nano config promtail. 0 cmd promtail promtail docker config. We don 39 t full text index the streams though. Here is a brief overview of the lifecycle of a Fluentd event to help you understand the rest of this page The configuration file allows the user to control the input and output behavior of Fluentd by 1 selecting input and output plugins and 2 specifying the plugin parameters. 0 Kindie Kubernetes Individual is an opinionated Kubernetes cluster setup for individuals or small business. com loki docker driver docker plugin install grafana loki docker driver latest alias loki grant all permissions latest Pulling from grafana loki docker driver 7ff4041d336b Download complete Digest sha256 6b5a85811b87539bf8541c Nov 23 2019 Promtail It is an agent to collect logs on a host and send to Loki Grafana To query and display the logs from Loki. loki promtail loki Grafana UI . While the command line flags configure immutable system parameters such as storage locations amount of data to keep on disk and in memory etc. I have Promtail running again as a container on every Manager and Worker node. download tasks is considered to be wrong pyinfra myserver tasks promtail. Open sourced by Grafana Labs during KubeCon Seattle 2018 Loki is a logging backend optimized for users running Prometheus and Kubernetes with great logs search and visualization in Grafana 6. I have the Loki Docker plugin also installed. Node problem Also familiar with ELK stacks and Loki Promtail systems. git. For extra security you can also enable Basic Authentication on the Ingress. 0 adds a new way to explore ad hoc queries and data. 1. Refer to the docs for configuring Promtail for more details. For setup and preparation nbsp Promtail es el agente que se encarga de enviar los logs a Loki y Grafana se va a necesitamos crear el fichero de configuraci n etc loki loki config. Loki is the database where all logs are stored. yaml with the content below. By adding a certificate you create an HTTPS endpoint. Target audience Sysadmin DevOps Cloud engineer with Linux and Kubernetes experience looking to build a Kubernetes cluster for production usage with bells and whistles focussed on web Loki . There Loki promtail and Grafana nbsp Loki Smite God. One important note is just don t edit generated files. The default configuration works fine but now I would like Home Promtail loki config Promtail is configured in a YAML file usually referred to as config. 19 06. Show more Show less Apr 07 2020 Grafana Loki. Loki is all of that and much much more and we love using him in a wide variety of nbsp . yaml locally. Promtail can also be configured to nbsp Create promtail examples. 0 and newer releases Grafana Loki promtail Loki Like Prometheus but for logs. Go to Configuration gt Data Sources via the cog icon in the left sidebar. Jun 02 2020 Promtail helps to monitor applications by shipping the container logs to Loki or Grafana cloud. server listen 127. A default property and its value. yaml. Promtail stuck in tight loop hogging RAM Ian Hodgetts 7 30 20 Docker logging driver not working when specifying in daemon. . Loki Push API. DockerHub Loki Promtail Docker docker compose Loki I have a probleam to parse a json log with promtail please can somebody help me please. We called this agent promtail. Nov 17 2019 the log is tailed by the promtail which sends data to a monitoring host with Loki and finally Grafana will draw graphs basing on the data from Loki The setup described below is more Proof of Concept as the Loki itself and its support in Grafana still under development. Promtail configuration options The log management Add On installs a Loki log management stack that integrates into the Grafana instance from the Monitoring Add On. This is a part nbsp This page shows you how to use Loki to manage k8s application logs. Configure Promtail as nbsp 16 Jun 2020 After downloading the Promtail binary we will create a configuration file for Loki in the usr local bin directory itself with the name nbsp helm upgrade install promtail loki promtail set quot loki. com Loki already accepts PromQL like expressions LogQL on a Prometheus compatible API so the rough plan is to use the Cortex Ruler to evaluate Prometheus style alert rules against logs. Feb 07 2019 There Loki promtail and Grafana were configured on the same host in one Docker Compose stack. It does not index the contents of the logs but rather a set of labels for each log stream. Loki Push API Promtail can also be configured to receive logs from another Promtail or any Loki client by exposing the Loki Push API with the loki_push_api scrape config. Asking for help clarification or responding to other answers. Les configurations de Promtail sont diff rentes en fonction des besoins de chacun. If Loki and Promtail are deployed on different clusters you can add an Ingress in front of Loki. You need Promtail as it sends the log content to Loki. It is designed to be very cost effective and easy to operate. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code manage projects and build software nbsp So we don 39 t have to restart all the pods just to change the scrape config etc. loki Prometheus landing page Loki. loki docker driver qiita. Gocyclo calculates cyclomatic complexities of functions in Go source code. Loki Promtail. 5. yaml etc promtail docker config. Distributor Home Promtail loki config The idea is to prevent your worker node 39 s disks being filled up by logs created by the Docker containers. So I have a question regarding promtail job. label schema. And add this script . Mar 26 2019 This will deploy Loki and Promtail. The write path and read path query are pretty decoupled from each other and it helps to talk about it each separately. A configuration file consists of a number of setting blocks or sections e. Logging with Loki is AMAZING In the past couple of months i ve been working a lot with logging but more specifically logging with loki. path alloc logs this one only gives about logs promtail job. Along with Loki we need 2 more tools for the setup that is Grafana and Promtail. You can now view both metric and log data in Grafana. Loki is the logging engine. com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Sign Up middot Explore middot grafana promtail grafana promtail investigate promtail arm 04c4e94 arm in etc promtail docker config. Configuring Promtail Promtail is configured in a YAML file usually referred to as how Promtail connects to multiple instances of Loki sending logs to each. Grafana loki . 1 Uses fluent bit Loki go plugin for gathering logs and sen loki promtail 0. yaml nbsp 2020 5 3 cd opt promtail conf curl https raw. The following customization options are possible Mar 11 2019 Grafana 6. Tom Wilkie will discuss the motivation behind Loki Grafana Labs 39 latest Logging with Loki is AMAZING In the past couple of months i ve been working a lot with logging but more specifically logging with loki. promtail Agent Application Loki Grafana Loki Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow Please be sure to answer the question. Loki is the main server responsible for storing logs and processing queries. io loki charts helm3 repo update. Log messages are forwarded to Loki via your log collector of choice Fluentd Promtail Logstash etc and are then stored for future querying. promtail Agent Application Loki 2. yaml O promtail config. A Loki based logging stack consists of 3 components promtail is the agent responsible for gathering logs and sending them to Loki loki is the main server responsible for storing logs and processing queries Grafana for querying and displaying the logs Additionally 2 other components are provided Mar 24 2020 Recorded at Cloud Native Prague 27 February 2020. Now I want to try some distributed setup Grafana will work on a one host Loki on the other one Promtail will collect logs from a third one The idea is next we have a Dev environment with 2 servers Loki was announced in KubeCon 2018. Where Grafana is the visualization tool and Promtail a log data supplier. Apr 09 2019 OSMC 2019 Grafana Loki Like Prometheus but for Logs by Ganesh Vernekar Duration 19 06. Docker starts containers for promtail Loki A Loki based logging stack consists of 3 components promtail is the agent responsible for gathering logs and sending them to Loki. Promtail s service discovery is based on the Prometheus service discovery mechanism. 1 May 03 2019 The goal of this tutorial is to help you put an end to this maddening yet ultimately avoidable waste of resources. So we have to tell Loki how to parse our log messages into labels. loki is the main server responsible for storing logs and processing queries. loki is the main server responsible for storing cmd loki loki local config. github. We believe that it is easy to operate especially in a Kubernetes environment as it does not index the content of the logs but set labels for log streams. loki. Jun 02 2020 Loki does not index the contents of the logs as it is a set of labels for each log stream you use. yml to match the name of the user configured in the loki. An alternative to Loki is the Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes ECK stack which greatly simplifies managing Elasticsearch clusters on Kubernetes. The setup is provided as a helm chart. The logs are ingested via the API and an agent called Promtail Tailing logs in Prometheus format will scrape Kubernetes logs and add label metadata before sending it to Loki. Loki and its ecosystem are an alternative to the ELK stack but it makes different trade offs. com grafana loki pull 474 files Dismiss. 341 B. It is by design very cost effective and easy to operate. X and above. Install and run. Loki is a horizontally scalable highly available log aggregation system inspired by Prometheus. 22 Mar 2019 The Promtail configuration you get from the Helm chart is already configured to get all the logs from your Kubernetes cluster and append labels nbsp Table of Contents. promtail is the agent responsible for gathering logs and sending them to loki . After implementing the Loki system on my job s project I decided to add it for myself so see my RTFM blog server s logs. Jun 16 2020 Loki was announced in KubeCon 2018. githubusercontent. The stealth frame. Oct 02 2019 And inside the charts directory we find 5 Helm charts . conf is pretty much stock. g. To be clear Loki indexes metadata about the streams and the streams themselves are indexed by time. The querying The agent supports the same configuration relabelling rules as Prometheus to make sure the metadata matches. 0 Stars. In Promtail set the following values to communicate using HTTPS and basic authentication You should check the owner of the folders configured in the storage_config section of the the config loki. In this post I ll describe the Prometheus node_exporter Grafana Loki and promtail set up process Read More Dec 12 2018 The agent supports the same configuration relabelling rules as Prometheus to make sure the metadata matches. Scroll down to the Assets section under the version that you want to install. As in a cloud native environment Prometheus is one of the most common solutions for monitoring. Video credit to Revology. Apr 22 2020 Promtail is an agent which can tail your log files and push them to Loki. grafana grafana enterprise dev grafana loki cAdvisor promtail docker compose. lt source gt . You can use Leanpub to easily write publish and sell in progress and completed ebooks and online courses Leanpub is a powerful platform for serious authors combining a simple elegant writing and publishing workflow with a store focused on selling in progress ebooks. persistence. Loki is a log aggregation system inspired by Prometheus. Grafana is the visualization tool which consumes data from Loki data sources. Customization. In order to exclude the complexities of my PHP application logging being the culprit I 39 m simply trying to print a message to the stderr stream from the pod 39 s shell to be picked up by kubectl logs counter . Loki promtail log Grafana log Hero. Configuring Promtail. Documentation Promtail. 2 Jun 2020 Other than configuring nginx to show nginx_stub status on 127. Helm Jul 27 2020 Promtail is an agent that ships the logs from the local system to the Loki cluster. The Loki is built on the same design principles of Prometheus therefore it is a good fit for storing and analyzing the logs of Kubernetes. We recommend Promtail to ship your logs to Loki as the configuration is very similar to Prometheus. They are indexed via BoltDb while the raw data is organized in chunks. 1 8080 the rest of the telegraf. A data type. In Loki case we are lucky the chart has a lot of configuration options. Loki stores the log streams on a local disk. Jan 12 2020 Docker starts containers for promtail Loki and Grafana. Pour cela dans cet article nbsp 25 Feb 2020 Sign In. 18 juin 2019 Loki se comporte comme Prometheus c 39 est un logiciel que vous allez installer COPY docker config. md Issue 474 grafana loki GitHub github. Promtail Grafana Loki Grafana . file etc Home Promtail loki config Promtail is part of the loki project and also an alpha release. Loki was built for efficiency alongside the following goals Logs should be cheap. In my nomad I have other jobs and I would like to push their logs in that case which path should I use Using Promtail Using Promtail Dec 18 2018 Loki consists of 3 components loki is the main server responsible for storing logs and processing queries. This is done via an intermediary lambda function which processes cloudwatch events and propagates them to a promtail instance or set of instances behind a load balancer via the push api scrape config. Loki is a horizontally scalable highly available multi tenant log aggregation system inspired by Prometheus. NGINX Amplify. There are some good use cases for this with the Loki Docker Logging Driver if you want an easier way to configure pipelines or expose metrics collection point your Docker drivers at a Promtail instance. 0 and newer releases Log into your Grafana. yml . loki. yaml o promtail config. 4 Jan 2019 Master of deception. com. 3 Jan 2019 The design of Loki is inspired by Prometheus and in a nutshell stores Promtail is the agent responsible for gathering logs and sending Run using the qxip pastash loki container and mount your config and log directories promtail. My user is loki and the folders begins with tmp loki so I recursively set the owner. Navigate to the release page. Pour que a marche chez vous vous devez d j monter le r pertoire de log de Nginx dans le conteneur et utiliser cette configuration Create many different types of Data Sources from MySQL Zabbix InfluxDB Prometheus and Loki. Grafana for querying and displaying the logs. cmd loki loki local config. Mar 22 2019 This will deploy Loki and Promtail. David Gilmour Comfortably Numb Live in Pompeii 2016 Duration 9 03. promtail. Container. service. GitHub Gist instantly share code notes and snippets. In addition logging will be provided by Grafana Loki. file etc Here is some background Im trying to create unraid CA versions of Grafana loki amp Grafana Promtail amp Grafana Loki canary The problem is Loki hard codes where the config file loads from as part of the run start command in the image if you dont want to change anything not critical Promtail hard codes where the config file loads from same as Deploy Loki and Promtail to your cluster Deploy with default config helm upgrade install loki loki loki stack Deploy in a custom namespace Promtail Loki . yaml . 0 or higher . 0 of Helm chart t3n promtail. 7 LABEL org. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. loki is database log promtail is agent call content log with loki grafana is monitor display log I 39 ve been making some tests with a Kubernetes cluster and I installed the loki promtail stack by means of the helm loki loki stack chart. When configuring my docker compose file I have stated to use Loki and entered the Loki URL however I cannot get any Docker container logs to show. Ensure you have the most up to date Docker container images Jun 02 2020 Getting the containers running was pretty simple once you have downloaded the basic configuration files for Loki and Promtail. yaml which contains information on the Promtail server where positions are stored and how to scrape logs from files. Mar 26 2019 Loki components Loki is a TSDB Time series database it stores logs as split and gzipped chunks of data. For example Elasticsearch Logstash and Kibana or Loki Promtail and Grafana. helm upgrade install atomic timeout 600s promtail loki promtail version nbsp The default config polls the contents of your var log directory. There are a few instances where this might be helpful complex network infrastructures where many machines having egress is not desirable. Each block contains a set of options for a specific data endpoint. cmd nbsp 2 Nov 2019 Now to create the Promtail config file. Get all Loki stats and find guides to help you play Smite created by players on SMITEFire. General monitoring now is performed by the two services NGINX Amplify and uptrends. yaml and promtail values. If you would like to store and keep track of your logs for a longer period of time we recommend installing additional software to accomplish this. We think when combined with metrics this represents a nice trade off in terms of complexity vs features. Grafana Loki Grafana Promtail Loki Loki Promtail Nov 28 2019 16 CNDK2019 Loki 3 Promtail Loki Loki Grafana Loki Dec 26 2018 Loki is made up of the promtail agent on the client side and the distributor and ingester components on the server side. Installation Customization. size default 10Gi controls the volume size for the Loki pods. Configuration used in the video Promtail https Sep 21 2019 The Docker images for Loki and Promtail are available on DockerHub. tolerations might need to be extended to deploy a Promtail pod on every node in the cluster. in_use metric can be added for the root partition only. com grafana loki. scrapeConfigs controls for which pods the logs are collected. com grafana loki v1. By default master node NoSchedule taints are ignored. yaml file in this directory. It is designed to Verify that Loki and Promtail is configured properly. config Promtail Agent log Dec 14 2018 loki . Because of this the Monitoring Add On is required to be installed before installing the Log Management Add On. Nobody should be asked to log less. yaml 24 Jul 2020 Apply the new configuration by performing a Helm upgrade. 1 v0. Like with Loki there is no migration planned and customers are advised to install an ECK stack in parallel to slowly phase out the old Helm based stack. I have Loki running as a container with the advised default config. Loki operates in the same space as Elasticsearch but makes some different design decisions. 0 nbsp env quot let env config path configPath Loki url is as following it is required to have a service discovery so that promtail can collect logs from all the service nbsp The default Loki Pod log tailing configuration does not work with Kubernetes version 1. yml. service script above. hot 2 Loki Docker Driver quot loki pipeline stage file quot no such file or directory hot 1 Out of order errors with log streams from multiple services despite unique labels hot 1 Si vous avez vraiment le coup d il dans la configuration de Promtail que je vous propose juste au dessus il n 39 y a pas de hostname ni de log Nginx d 39 ailleurs. the loki endpoint should be working I can access it at that url and it looks like its ready to go var log promtail etc promtail command config. Evaluating Loki Promtail as a potential replacement for Elasticsearch Kibana Introducing SRE concepts SLI SLO SLA Cost reduction Insourcing monitoring from Datadog introducing RAM Resource Allocation Management to maximise AWS GCP resource utilisation. Either git clone this repository locally and cd loki production or download a copy of the docker compose. Prometheus is configured via command line flags and a configuration file. The querying component exposes an API for handling queries. json Simon Szustkowski 7 28 20 Promtail on Windows Ian Hodgetts 7 27 20 Limit configuration of Loki and promtail Yama Kurtulu 7 24 20 Is it possible to add histogram bucket label into log in loki disccip 7 This 8 lines is one log event actrully how to config promtail to scrap this lines as one log event prefer to your pipeline_stages Thanks a lot multiline loki Loki . service systemctl enable grafana server. version 1. Unlike other logging systems Loki uses the idea of only indexing metadata about your logs labels just like Prometheus labels . Enter Loki the scalable log collection engine. see https github. We create a manifests folder which will hold the generated yaml we also specify the target namespace Pastebin. 3 nbsp Loki docker daemon logger promtail in Openshift is not easy. fluent bit grafana loki prometheus promtail Convert Helm Chart into yaml. We will install this stack setup in Kubernetes cluster and view the logs. The cyclomatic complexity of a function is calculated according to the following rules 1 is the base complexity of a function 1 for each 39 if 39 39 for 39 39 case 39 39 amp amp 39 or 39 39 Go Report Card warns on functions with cyclomatic complexity gt 15. Trickster god. 0 B. Discover Helm charts with ChartCenter Configuring Loki. 14 for GKE version 1. file etc Promtail config Promtail config The setup is based on Prometheus and Grafana running in Kubernetes. If you are a new customer register now for access to product evaluations and purchasing capabilities. 12. docker run name promtail network loki volume quot PWD docs etc promtail quot nbsp 5 ao t 2020 Example de configuration promtail. Nice service using it a few years. 0. file . I have the ec2 service discovery working perfectly in prometheus but when I try to use it in promtail i have no valid targets in service discovery in promtail Here is my config Current RTFM s monitoring. Join GitHub today. Grafana Loki Home Promtail loki config the log is tailed by the promtail which sends data to a monitoring host with Loki and finally Grafana will draw graphs basing on the data from Loki The setup described below is more Proof of Concept as the Loki itself and its support in Grafana still under development. I try many configurantions but don 39 t parse the timestamp or other labels. Prometheus a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project is a systems and service monitoring system. Pipelines for detailed log processing pipeline documentation Docker Logging Driver is a docker plugin to send logs directly to Loki from Docker containers. Values. KubeCon Grafana loki . Deploy Promtail only. To test locally we recommend using the docker compose. This process primarily involves discovering targets attaching labels to log streams from both log files and the systemd journal and shipping them to Loki. the configuration file defines everything related to scraping jobs and their instances as well as which rule files to load. Take a look at loki values. Choose Loki from the list. Grafana Loki . I choice to not use the default location inside the containers I followed the practice of having all persistent data inn config since I can override the config. For information on how to install and uninstall an Add On see MetaKube Add Ons. Helm3 Loki Chart repository helm3 repo add loki https grafana. yaml . I want to configure the date format of the timestamp in my log files. Apr 15 2020 A quick introduction how you can start storing logs into Loki using it 39 s default agent Promtail or with the Fluentd and Fluent bit alternatives. Click the big Add data source button. 6 gke. Promtail sends logs to Loki. Write and Publish on Leanpub. We will look at graphing Time Series data versus Non Time Series data GitHub Gist star and fork joshisa 39 s gists by creating an account on GitHub. We will configure their various collection processes such as MySQL Event Scheduler Telegraf Node Exporters SNMP agents and Promtail. 4. Download and Install Promtail Binary Create the Promtail config Test Promtail Works Configure Promtail as a Service Configure Firewall Troubleshooting Install Loki Data Source LogQL Install a Second Promtail Service Annotation Queries Linking the Log and Graph Panels Read Nginx Logs with Promtail In order to log events with Loki you must download and install both Promtail and Loki. See the . com grafana loki issues 1153 Add config reload endoint signal to promtail. py dry gt Loading config gt Loading inventory With this you can push from any client to Promtail as if it were Loki and Promtail can then forward those logs to another Promtail or to Loki. loki fluent bit 0. Promtail runs as a DaemonSet and collects all logs from all nodes and sends them to Loki. See full list on github. If you edit these files you will have a hard time updating it as on every new update you will have to manually reapply same exact changes. For example if you want to create an endpoint to receive data from syslog you need to add a lt source gt block and set up its settings like this the loki endpoint should be working I can access it at that url and it looks like its ready to go var log promtail etc promtail command config. Our application provides structured JSON logs. Hey I was trying to install Grafana Loki. The default configuration should be sufficient for most cases but adjustment can be made. Blackbox Exporter agent which executes checks for the Grafana Cloud Synthetic Monitoring service. log entry timestamp 2019 10 yum install grafana systemctl start grafana server. When using Grafana having the same labels will allows you to pivot from Metrics to Logs verify easily by simply switching datasource. Prometheus Loki. disk. Loki Like Prometheus but for logs grep Prometheus the loki endpoint should be working I can access it at that url and it looks like its ready to go var log promtail etc promtail command config. Unlike other Apr 11 2019 Loki Promtail Add Loki datasource in Grafana built in support for Loki is in 6. It collects metrics from configured targets at given intervals evaluates rule expressions displays the results and can trigger alerts if some condition is observed to be true. It s similar to well known ELK EFK stack but more simple to set up and use and is intended to be used mostly with clouds and systems like Prometheus and Kubernetes. GitHub Gist star and fork Sean Bradley 39 s gists by creating an account on GitHub. This runs the Promtail tool which is started on each host of the Kubernetes cluster that s what a DaemonSet does gocyclo 95 . Dec 12 2019 Loki architecture principles A Web client runs applications on the server Promtail collects the logs it sends to Loki the Web client also sends metadata to Loki. NETWAYS 456 views. Statefulset is a Kubernetes tool similar to Deployment but meant to run stateful workloads. As most of my metrics reside in prometheus I use grafana quite extensively and logging was always the one that stood out a bit as I pushed my logs to elasticsearch and consumed them from grafana. Familiar with Apache Kafka Redis ETL ELT tools. vcs url https github. Ok I apologize in advance for being dumb. Provide details and share your research But avoid . port property for a sample object structure defined within a schema. yaml To build Promtail on non Linux platforms use the following command go build . But at the quot preparing operations quot step gathering facts i guess pyinfra detect that promtail_username does not exist yet and so the files. Add Loki datasource in Grafana built in support for Loki is in 6. Mar 10 2019 After implementing the Loki system on my job 39 s project I decided to add it for myself so see my RTFM blog server 39 s logs. By indexing only some fields labels it can have a completely different architecture. For each schema object define a description to explain its purpose. Loki configuration options Promtail configuration options nbsp What I see is that this configuration is correctly applied to the loki config map but without any effect the log lines looks exactly as if this additional nbsp I 39 m using a toolstack of promtail loki grafana running in docker. This simplification not only makes Loki easier to understand but also scale and operate. Loki statefulset Promtail daemonset This runs the actual Loki server that stores the logs and responds to log queries. Hands on experience with Infrastructure as a Code tools like Terraform Terragrunt and provisioning configuration management tools like Ansible. Batteries included so that you can hit the ground running and add production workload in no time. Promtail example extracting data from json log. Loki can turn this structure into a message with an associated set of labels then build indexes on these labels and allow us to use them for filtering. Feb 06 2019 Grafana 6. We would like to show you a description here but the site won t allow us. Mar 10 2020 Loki In short Loki is a log aggregation database. The Cortex Rules already exists is horizontally scalable amp highly available so the integration should be relatively straight forward we hope. 100K Downloads. zip files that correspond to your system. A basic Loki logging installation consists of 3 components 2 Promtail is the agent responsible for gathering logs and sending them to Loki. 1 cmd promtail promtail docker config. Loki includes an AWS SAM package template for shipping Cloudwatch logs to Loki via a set of promtails here. Create a file named rbac config. Among other things we show how to build a complete stack for DevOps engineers to monitor Windows services and get alerts when one of them fails. Download the Loki and Promtail . This allows you to ensure that labels for metrics and logs are equivalent by re using the same scrape_configs and relabeling configuration. project Loki Docker compose . Documentation Installation. It can be installed using Helm This README expects Helm version 3. promtail loki config